Meet me as a Teacher from my Past Students!

Below are some quotes from my fellow students and parents in Utah where I left 69 students! I hope this will give you an idea of the type of teacher I am, and how much I TRULY love doing what I do!

"Annalee is the BEST piano teacher that my children have ever had the opportunity to take lessons from. She is so kind and treats every student with so much love! She is very upbeat and has a fun personality that the kids love. She related to my kids so well and they LOVED to go to piano every single week. It seems like she can find their weaknesses in the kindest way and help them achieve goals that were AMAZING! I would highly recommend Annalee to anyone who wanted a great opportunity to excel in piano. She is wonderful and we miss her so much!" - Brandi Webster (Piano Mom)

Logan: 10 years
"I LOVE Annalee! She is the best piano teacher that I've ever had. She made me feel important and great. She was just awesome."

Maddison: 8 years
"Annalee is so nice. She had lots of fun things to do at piano. It doesn't even seem like you've been there very long when it was time to go home. I love her and miss her. I'll never have another teacher like her and I'm sad."

"When I came to Annalee, I already knew how to read notes, key signatures, and the like. I thought I pretty much knew it all, but she taught me that there is so much more to music that can't be printed on a grand staff- a story behind every song. Anyone can teach to play; it takes great ability to teach to feel. Annalee taught me to feel music when I play. In addition, she is one of the few teachers I've had who I could tell actually cared about my progress and always wanted me moving ahead."
- Lauren Jones (Student-age 17)

"Annalee taught my daughter Emily and my son Jacob piano. She is an excellent piano teacher with the rare ability to get the best from each student that she teaches.You can tell that music for Annalee is not just her job, it's her passion in life. As a parent it was wonderful to know that not only were my children learning from such a caring teacher, but they were also in an environment where I knew they were safe. With Analee's guidance my children, especially Emily, made amazing progress. We were very sad when we found out that Annalee was leaving Utah. If she came back tomorrow, we would be the first people in line to sign up for classes with her."
- Tiare Stephenson (Piano Mom)

"My name is Emily Stephenson and Annalee taught me piano. Not only is she an amazing teacher, she is also a great friend. Ever since I was five I've been going back and forth between piano teachers trying to find one that could help me with my desire to play piano. After meeting Annalee I knew she was going to be a great teacher. I'm a naturally shy person and after spending time with Annalee, I began to come out of my shell. I am also proud to say that I am now a much more accomplished pianist. Looking back to when I first started taking piano from her I can see a huge improvement in my playing. She has taught me countless techniques that I will never forget. When I got the news that she was leaving, my heart dropped. She was the perfect piano teacher. She was caring, friendly, persevering, hard working, and kind. I will never forget the time I spent with her. Anyone in Texas would be extremely lucky to have her as their piano teacher."
- Emily Stephenson (Student- Age 13)

"Annalee Dinkel is by far the best piano teacher my children have ever had. We have had several throughout the years and Annalee makes learning the piano so much fun! Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she is continually researching new techniques and learning new and better ways to teach. Her enthusiasm for the piano and love for music is passed on to her students. Because of the environment she provides her students learn and progress extremely fast, develop self esteem, and confidence in their abilities. Needless to say she is beloved by her students!"
- Leanna Lundell (Piano Mom and Student)

"We have absolutely loved our girls taking lessons from Annalee. She not only gives them a positive & fun environment to learn in, she also has a genuine love and concern for each of her students. My girls grew quickly in their piano skills because they knew Annalee loved and believed in them. Our older daughter took lessons from someone else with the more traditional method & didn't make it past the basics because she was bored & hated piano lessons. You need to jump at the chance to be one of the first ones on her list, you won't regret it.She's going to be hard for us to replace. But our loss is absolutely your gain!"
- Connie Black (Piano Mom)

"Anna lee:
I just want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the time we spent together in piano lessons. It has provided me with an insight to music appreciation that I would never have gained and given me a desire to continue to advance my knowledge and skill at the piano. The group lessons were fun, exciting and interesting which were only possible with your methods and passion. I can never thank you enough. Any student who you train in the future will benefit immensely from their lessons. Thanks again."
- Joy Beal (Adult Student)

"I feel that Annalee's enthusiasm for piano was a big part of the success in my child's lessons. It is evident that she has a passion for music. My kids enjoyed seeing her each week. In fact when I picked them up afterward they were all smiles. I was not sure about the group lessons at first but quickly changed my mind. My kids wanted to come prepared so I rarely had to ask them to practice. They also made some great friends that they never would have known otherwise. We will miss her very much.
My daughter Megan was 9 when she started taking lessons with Annalee. When she found out that Annalee would be moving and would not be able to give her lessons she cried. (In fact this went on for a week when she thought about it!) Megan enjoyed piano so much that once when I was taking her brother to piano she said "No fair! You get to go to piano today!"
My son had been taking lessons in the past when we switched to Annalee as a teacher. I feel his piano skills took off because Annalee taught him how to enjoy and feel the music instead of just learning notes."
- Traci Welburn (Piano Mom)

Megan: Age 10
"Oh, she's great! She's the best! I don't want to go to anyone else!"

"Annalee helped me relearn to love the piano. I had been lamenting my years of lessons as a child and my lack of skills as an adult and Annalee made getting back into the groove painless. I looked forward to lessons and found joy in playing pieces of music that I never thought would be possible for me. It turns out that I had more ability than I had first thought and now I have the confidence to look at a piece of music and think...I may not be able to play this today, but I will be able to play it next week! Thanks Annalee for this precious gift." - Heather Robertson (Piano Mom and Studnet)

Raiden Age 10
"I really liked the group lessons. Learning to play in a group made me feel so comfortable. Annalee was really, really nice to me and I learned so much from her."

Remington Age 8
"It was fun playing the piano and having lessons in a group with other kids. I'll never forget what I learned from Annalee."

"I LOVED having Annalee teach piano lessons to my boys. They learned at such a steady rate and excelled very quickly. The way Annalee taught with such enthusiasm and love for music was inspiring to me and my two boys. She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person." - Sheri Gould (Piano Mom)

Annalee has a great enthusiasm and love for music that radiates to all of her students. She made practicing seem like a game and was willing to help with any musical challenges that came along the way. She is thorough and an all around spectacular teacher. I would reccommend her to anyone who is serious about learning how to play the piano.-Aubrey Ballow (Adult Student)

"Analee is an AWESOME piano teacher. I have learned so much from her. I especially like the technique she teaches. Analee is amazing!!
- Hannah Robins (Student Age 10)

"Analee makes piano fun. She is a really good teacher. We play games to learn how to site read."
- Megan Robins (Student Age 8)